Aldo Sans is a modern sans-serif condensed font family. Designed by Cristian Tournier in 3 styles: Regular, Italic, Bold. The greatest virtue of this family is the high performance of characters per line, which makes it interesting for print, such as magazines and brochures.

Cristian Tournier

Open Font License

3 Fonts, 510 Characters


ABCDEFGHIJ KLMNÑOPQ RSTUVWXY Zabcdefghi jklmnñopqr stuvwxyzá àéèíìòó
ùúáàéèíìò óùú$ …,;:_~=+÷−×± ¹²³
([{<«#*•©® “ª”‘º’»>}])¡! ¿?@%‰




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